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Recall - The fiction feature screenplay participated in the 2019 Luzes da Cidade lab, in Minas Gerais and in the 2018 Varilux French-Brazilian script lab in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mamaliga Films collaborated with Los Angeles based artist Ben "Hen Wen" Gown to make his latest music video for a rap song about mathematics! Check it out below!

buitenlanders/foreigners - The short film, inspired by the lives of Dutch foreigners living in Brazil, was selected for the 2019 Gramado Film Festival, Brazil.


Selected Screenings

buitenlanders/foreigners digital, 6 min, Brazil

          Festival de Cinema de Gramado, Gramado,

          Brazil (2019)

A trip to Philippson digital, 16 min 30 sec, Brazil

          The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San

          Francisco, California (2016)

Mamaliga Blues – digital, 55 min, USA/Brazil/Moldova

         Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal,

         Montreal, Canada (2019)

Miami Jewish Film Festival, Miami, USA (2015)

Fordham University, New York City, USA (2015)

ARI, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015)

CRONOGRAF International Documentary Film Festival, Moldova (2015)

Jewish Center, Curitiba, Brazil (2015)

Jewish Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015)

South East European Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA (2014)

International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, Salt Lake City, USA (2014)
Festival de Cinema de Gramado, Gramado, Brazil (2014)
Midrash Centro Cultural, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2014)

Breman Museum, Atlanta, USA (2014)


Venus – 16mm, 21 min, Brazil

Erotic Arts Showcase at Cinemateca Capitolio, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2019)

Center for Contemporary Art-[KSA: K], Chisinau, Moldova (2008)

Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Seattle, USA (2004)

8th Mediawave Festival, Hungary (2003)

6th Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film & Video, Canada (2003)

8th Cinematexas International Short Film Festival, Texas, USA (2003)

11th Alter-Native International Short Film Festival, Romania (2003)

12th International Short Film Festival of São Paulo, Brazil (2001)


Of Movable Things in the Air – digital, 3 min, Brazil/USA 

7th Silverlake Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA (2007)

Activities and Invitations

create commissioned film/video works, give lectures, radio/tv interviews, publish written articles, act as visiting filmmaker, host screenings, mentor for screenwriting international projects, partner with students and educational institutions, include film-installation in curated art exhibition, and develop ancestry/genealogical community groups

Grants Received


Asylum Arts

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation

California Creative Grant

Silverlake Film Festival


Film/TV Awards


The Accolade TV Awards, Martial Arts 360, USA (2007)


Grand Festival Award, 10th Berkeley Video and Film Festival, Berkeley, USA (2003)

Venus – 16mm, 21 min, Brazil


Best Director, 29th Festival of Latin Cinema of Gramado, Brazil (2001)

Venus – 16mm, 21 min, Brazil 


Best Cinematography, 34th Festival of Brazilian Cinema of Brasília, Brazil (2001)

Venus – 16mm, 21 min, Brazil


Best Film, Director, Cinematography, Editing and Art Direction, 2nd Festival APTC of Films from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (2001)

Venus – 16mm, 21 min, Brazil